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Dr.Web in your browser — new free service of scanning for viruses!

Doctor Web, Ltd., the developer of the popular Dr.Web anti-virus, announces release of the new free service developed for users traveling on the World Wide Web with the help of Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet Explorer or Opera.

New free service by Doctor Web, Ltd. is designed as a plug-in, which scans for viruses and different kinds of malicious programs, such as dialers, spywares or adwares any link to a page before it is s opened, or any file before it is downloaded onto a computer with the most up-to-date version of the Dr.Web scanner and hot add-ons to the virus base, released twice per hour – no other antivirus company releases updates so often!

To scan a link or a file, you should neither to install the Dr.Web antivirus onto your computer, nor download the file you want to open or save — the scanning for viruses is done on the servers of the Global updating system of the Dr.Web antivirus. Depending on the size of the checked file, the scanning will be done in several seconds and then you can open the page or download the file and never fear of a virus attack.

To enjoy our service, just install the plug-in for your browser:

  • for Mozilla - Firefox
    Click the "Install Now" on the page with the plug-in. Depending on your security settings, enable installation of modules from web-site In most cases, a window warning on installation will appear. The window will have two buttons "Cancel" and "Install now". Press "Install now". Restart browser. (More info)

  • for Opera browser
    manual configuration file editing is required. (More info)

  • for MS Internet Explorer
    in Russian
    in English
    in French
    in Japanese
    in Arabic
    in Portuguese

    Click the link, then press "Open" ("Run"), confirm your desire include the data from the file into the system registry. Restart MS Internet Explorer.

To check a link or a file, place a cursor over it and right click the mouse button. In the opened contextual menu choose "Scan with Dr.Web" Select this menu item and the link will be checked with the latest Dr.Web scanner version and the hottest add-ons to the virus base.

To deinstall the plug-in:


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