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BETA-TESTING OF Dr.Web PRODUCTS: first public beta-version of SpIDer Gate module released

December 29, 2005

Doctor Web, Ltd. has released the first public beta-version of a new anti-virus module SpIDer Gate to scan the HTTP traffic.

HTTP protocol is used to transfer HTML pages from web-servers to client computers. It is designed to transfer not only the HTML content of web-pages but also their components such as scripts, graphics, applets, etc. Thus, it is one of the ways a malicious content may use to penetrate client systems and to infect them. SpIDer Gate is designed to transparently scan the HTTP traffic by intercepting HTTP connections and to filter the data transferred by HTTP protocol. It makes the web-surfing much safer - as only scanned and "purified" data reaches the client's browser.

SpIDer Gate is specially useful at web-surfing. While downloading a file (for example, a program or a document) from the Internet, a user can check it simultaneously upon downloading, but you cannot do it while visiting web-sites: an HTML-page, for example, may contain a malicious script, which will be automatically executed by the browser and this may lead to fatal consequences. SpIDer Gate prevents penetrations to users’ computers of any kinds of viruses: all scripts, applets, etc. are checked by the module automatically.

The new module offers a rich variety of flexible settings: the user can specify actions for infected, suspicious or unchecked objects (skip, delete, move to the quarantine). The SpIDer Gate's functionality supplements firewalls – the programs which close breaches in systems, averting attempts of malefactors to infiltrate and get access to them. But firewalls cannot check objects downloaded by the user from the Internet (files, mail messages, etc.) – those objects may contain Trojan programs, network and mail worms, as well as other dangerous programs. The new module serves as a perfect supplement to SpIDer Mail® mail filter, which scans for viruses all incoming and outgoing e-mails while SpIDer Gate, in its turn, scans the http-traffic.

Beside scanning for viruses, SpIDer Gate can perform other types of filtering. It can block access by addresses (block advertising banners). Such functionality is already implemented in some browsers. The distinctive feature of SpIDer Gate is its compatibility with any client software.

SpIDer Gate’s operation almost does not affect the computer's performance, it does not either decrease the Internet traffic and the volume of transferred data. This module supports HTTP/1.1, constant connections, data compression, etc. With its default settings, SpIDer Gate needs no additional settings, as the scanning begins immediately after the program is installed.

SpIDer Gate can be used as a personal proxy server – in this case the traffic of programs which are set to use a proxy server is scanned only.

We welcome users to register as beta-testers and to receive the beta-version of the new anti-virus module in the beta-testers section on the web-site of Doctor Web, Ltd.


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