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Dr.Web for Windows - program modules update available

May 11, 2006

Doctor Web, Ltd. – a Russian anti-virus software developer – announces the release of updates of several program modules of Dr.Web for Windows.

The updated SpIDer Mail® - the module for anti-virus scanning of in-coming and outgoing e-mails is released.

The most important innovation implemented in the updated SpIDer Mail is the option of scanning for viruses of e-mails received via IMAP4 protocol and of news messages received via NNTP protocol from USENET news servers. Besides, the updated module allows to considerably increase the scanning speed of the mail traffic on client stations.

The updated release of SpIDer Mail removes the following errors of earlier versions:

  • shutdown after receipt of huge messages;
  • possible conflicts with SpIDer Guard during the scanning of e-mails;
  • misprints and incorrect displaying of Russian words in the log file and in the context menu of the "About… " section;
  • incompatibility with Google Desktop Search;
  • display of the icon in the task bar if the language is changed.

IMPORTANT: during the version update, to check messages received via IMAP and NNTP, interception of certain ports should be specified in SpIDer Mail’s settings ("Settings"|"Interception"|"Parameter").

In the automatic interception mode the following should be added:

for IMAP:  Address * Port 143
for NNTP:  Address * Port 119

The updated Scheduler version for Windows is released.
It is a a very important module for updates of the virus bases in Dr.Web for Windows. The update has incorporated the following changes:

  • new "On start" task launch option is added;
  • New button - "About" is added;
  • closing of the Scheduler’s log file in normal mode when the system is terminated;
  • certain errors in language resources files are corrected

Besides the program modules the corrected weekly add-ons drw43301.vdb, drw43331.vdb and drw43334.vdb are released. False alarms are removed in the add-ons.

Since May 11, 2006 the updated modules of Dr.Web for Windows and corrected weekly add-ons to virus bases are available for automatic downloading during the next update by all registered users. They are also included into Dr.Web for Windows distributions which can be downloaded from web-servers of Doctor Web, Ltd. .


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